Rigorous process


Advanced equipment and production technology, shorten development costs and time, improve customer competitiveness!


The entire plant's high standard confidentiality agreement system is completely established and implemented.


We sign and perform confidentiality agreements (NDA) with our customers

Secure RMS (Copyright Management Service) System Management for RFQ Files

The assignment of data through the assignment of IT systems restricts access to data to ensure that only task force members are authorized to access project data

After the project is completed, the files, drafts, and scrap data in the production process are safely destroyed.

All employees are trained in the confidentiality of products and need to sign legally binding product information security agreements.

All new employees are required to receive confidential training of products provided by legal advisors within the scheduled time.

Protecting our customers and customer assets is one of our top priorities. We use a multi-level physical and digital security system to ensure that you get from start to finish and additional protection and more security measures.