The meticulous demands and persistence of all the operation links and details!




Founded in 1988, we are continuously providing professional services to our global client partners. quality. service. Innovative production production services.

Adhere to the concept of sustainable business,  Integrated third-party manufacturers that integrate different manufacturing methods,  Expertise in a variety of precision metal and plastic components, At the same time more in line with customer needs,  From small batches to mass production,  Coordinate with multi-level quality control system and the highest standard in the factory,  Requirements and adherence to all operational aspects and details,  To ensure that every manufactured product has perfect quality,  Can bring customers superior products that are beyond expectations and become long-term partners for customers.


Professional quality. Quality service Innovative equipment. Sustainable development

In the model industry, Changyueh Company has professional experience in CNC milling machine sample processing and manufacturing, a deep industrial background and many years of practical experience.
•We combine the introduction of the world's advanced 3D-Print equipment and high-precision RP rapid prototyping and RT rapid tooling to enhance the high-quality model.
•We will provide a comprehensive and new production process that integrates a variety of technologies and services based on the customer's product features and requirements.

• With advanced technology and rich experience, it can meet the needs of your various model samples.